Rotamah Island Bird Observatory Inc.

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Weekend Activities and Courses:

Typical Costs: $90.00 per adult plus cost of catered accommodation.

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Accommodation and Weekend programs at the Rotamah Island Bird Observatory are currently in recess during the renovation of the  Observatory building and Wardens Cottage following the satisfactory outcome of negotiation with Parks Victoria of a long term lease.

It is hoped that full operation will recommence in early 2015

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A sample of the Program of Activities from previous years.

ABSA Bander Training Course

Date: August 17-24
Leader: David Geering

Since 1997, the Australian Bird Study Association has run several bird banding training courses. Previously they have been held at Birds Australia's Barren Grounds Bird Observatory. The aim of the course is to train people so they will be eligible for an "A" class licence with mist net endorsement. The training course requires some pre course study and is very intensive being conducted over 7 consecutive days. Course cost is aproximately $1,100.00, places are strictly limited and application should be made through the course leader.

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Nature Photography

Date: August 24-26
Leader: Robert Gardiner

Come and join Robert Gardiner who is ready to share his experience, showing that great photographs are no fluke. This weekend will give you an introduction to techniques of nature and wildlife photography.

The Secret Kingdom of Plants

Date: September 7-9
Leaders: Jane & Malcolm Calder

All you ever wanted to know about plants but were afraid to ask! Discover the plants of Rotamah, from the magnificent red gums to the world's smallest flowering plant. Accompanied by Jane & Malcolm this weekend is good for all skill levels.

Painting The Day

Date: September 21-23
Leader: Nic Day

Ever wished you could capture Australia's magnificent wildlife on paper? Let Nic (illustrator of the Simpson & Day Field Guide to Australian Birds) introduce you to the secrets of drawing and painting nature. All skill levels catered for.

Orchids of Spring

Date: October 12-14
Leader: Jeffrey Jeanes

Come and discover the secrets of these beautiful flowers with Jeffrey Jeanes, the author of Orchids of Victoria. Rotamah is well known for itís orchids and October is the time the orchids are at their most prolific and diverse

Nests& Nestlings

Date: October 19-21

Join the wardens in investigating the nesting activity of spring. Search the bush for nests from the tiny cup of a Silvereye to the gigantic stick nest of the sea-eagle. We'll also be taking a leisurely half-day cruise to see nesting pelicans and other waterbirds.

Goin' Batty

Date : November 23-25
Leader: Lindy Lumsden

All you ever wanted to know about bats and more! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see these mysterious creatures up close with Lindy, Victoria's leading bat expert.

Where The Wild Things Are

Date: January 11-13

A perfect family weekend. Join us while we take a closer look at some of the wildlife of Rotamah. We'll be trapping small mammals and mist-netting birds, as well as taking spotlight walks to discover the creatures of the night .

Absolutely Fabulous Fieldwrens

Date: February 1-3 
Leader: Don Ripper

Help us continue our research project into the little known Striated Fieldwren (Calamanthus fuliginosus) . Spend the weekend mist-netting and banding wrens and identifying their nesting sites in the saltmarshes of Rotamah and Little Rotamah.

Beautiful Butterflies

Date: 22-24 February
Leader: Charles McCubbin

Charles is one of Australia's best-known butterfly experts. On this weekend he'll lead an exploration of the butterflies and other insects of Rotamah Island, perfect for the budding entomologist in all of us.

Wee Creatures

Date: March 8-11
Leader: Lindy Lumsden

Spend a wondrous weekend discovering the world of bats with Lindy. Over ten different species are found on the island and when we're not looking for bats we'll be doing some trapping for pygmy-possums and other small mammals of Rotamah.

Birding For Beginners

Date: March 22-24
Leader: Margaret Cameron

A great weekend for all those who have always meant to take up birdwatching but just never quite got around to it. We'll introduce you to the birds of Rotamah Island and how to identify them in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

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